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Center for internal medicine patient services and policies

Same Day Appointments​

We strive to meet the medical needs and concerns of our patients. If you have an acute medical matter please call us, in most cases we can see you the same day. Call us at (210) 200-8798 or email us at amoss@centerforinternalmedicine.com

Prescription Refills

​​We use an electronic prescription system. We require 4 days minimum to process prescription(s) renewals/refills. All prescriptions require a follow up appointment every 3 to 6 months depending on your condition.  No prescriptions will be refilled on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays. Non-controlled/non-narcotic prescriptions require a follow up appointment every 3 to 6 months. Controlled-substances/narcotic prescriptions require a follow up appointment every 30 days. New symptoms and/or events require an appointment. No antibiotics are prescribed without a visit. 

Phone and E-mail Messages

All patients are encouraged to call the office at 210 200-8798 or e-mail us with any questions. Phone calls and e-mails are a major part of our Practice. Our office staff can answer many routine non-clinical questions. Please leave a detail message and we will return your call as soon as possible. After hours an answering service will help you locate your doctor with urgent matters, just follow the instructions of our automated system or email amoss@centerforinternalmedicine.com

Patient Portal

We have a patient portal that allows you to see your health information and communicate with us in a secure manner through the Internet. You can access it at Patient Portal .

Laboratory services and Imaging

For your convenience we have a certified phlebotomist on-site who will send your laboratories to several nationwide recognize diagnostic test providers. We are located in the medical center with multiple imaging centers near by. We will do everything possible to schedule your test before you leave the office. Although we do not contract with any specific provider, we do have prefer in-network providers who are able to forward results to us in a timely manner.


We have access to a broad variety of  medical and surgical specialists. We will do everything possible to arrange your referral before you leave the office. Patient on HMO’s plans and certain insurance companies need prior authorizations, please contact our office staff to expedite the authorization. Some authorizations might take between 72 hours and one week.

No Show Appointment Policy

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call us! (210) 200-8798 we require 24 hours notice of cancellation. To ensure availability of appointments to our patients, we have adopted a “no show appointment” policy. If you miss two appointments, your physician may review your records to determine if you will continue to be seen at our clinic.

Financial Responsibility

You are responsible for all charges incurred for your medical care. If you are not sure about your insurance benefits call your insurance company and inquire about co-pays and deductible, you can also call us, we might be able to email an explanation of benefits and coverage for your specific insurance. 

Non-Covered Services: You are responsible for services that are denied by your insurance as non-covered services.

Co-Pay and Deductibles: If you have insurance that requires a co-pay or deductible, they must be paid at check in.

Billing Questions

Questions regarding your billing should be directed to our office. Call us at (210) 200-8798 or email us at: amoss@centerforinternalmedicine.com