What services do we offer? 

Center for INternal Medicine

Primary Care Clinic

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Patient-centered, evidence-based Medicine

Center for Internal Medicine, PA

Medical Center: 8265 Fredericskburg Rd. San Antonio, TX 78248

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We combined the accessibility  of an urgent care facility with the personal attention and the clinical excellence of primary care. We have daily appointments available only for urgent matters that can be handle in our clinical instead of expensive urgent cares or emergency rooms. 

We treat the majority of conditions that people have when they go to urgent care centers, and we provide the right care in any of our offices. 

Typical conditions treated on a same day appointment are:

Allergies & allergic reactions
Bites, rashes & skin conditions
Sore throats
Back pain
Sinus infections
Headaches & migraines
Cold, cough & congestion

Call us, we are available.!